Jagole workshops

Level 1: Build a website without a single code

Jagole is built on plug-ins that does the hard work for you. Our drag-and-drop feature will let you put images and text where you want them. You will also get a peek into the world of SEO and how it will help your website!

Level 2: Beautify your website

You have your basic information, but what if it doesn’t look good? This level of our workshop will start you out with templates and help spark your own ideas by taking  you on a tour of what great websites look like.

Level 3: Automate your website

With your website up and running, you want it to continue working for you even when you’re not at your computer. Do you want clients to book an appointment during the work hours that you’ve specified? Do you want your online shop to keep track of your stock and orders so you can focus on the human side of these transactions? We can do that.